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Filing Products

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HC Miller is the premier nationwide provider of filing products that give you speedy access to vital information. Our customers can select from our collection of stock solutions or take advantage of our unlimited custom production capabilities. At HC Miller we keep you organized and on target with your timeline and your budget, with industry leading capacity that supports short lead times and nationwide sourcing capabilities that deliver big economies of scale. We have been in business for over 120 years and we are true professionals with best-in-class products, services and capabilities. Experience Innovation at HC Miller.

Custom Index Tabs - We are the experts in custom index tabs, providing a full range of options and mylar colors you require for your customer.  From black print to full color, We Can do what you need. Fileback Dividers – We have extensive experience with Fileback Dividers which make the organization of large file folders simpler and more efficient. Individual fasteners on each divider enable you to add or delete any section without disturbing information in other sections.
Binders & Folders - Use HC Miller as a single source for your complete binder or folder project! Our printing, high speed tab-cutting, and bindery capabilities keep your costs down and make your project almost effortless - let us handle the details! Legal Index Dividers
Choose from a complete line of Avery style or All-State style legal index dividers. HC Miller can inventory product with complete fulfillment services, or ship to your warehouse. Ask about our custom legal index dividers.
PolyTabPoly Dividers - Our Poly Dividers come in a variety of colors! Best for durability, these colored tab dividers allow you to insert your own titles and organize frequently referenced documents without risk of tearing. DuoTabsDuoTab
This product was designed for the medical community who currently use standard Filebacks, but find that their folders have become too bulky. DuoTabs, with each divider acting as two tabs, reduce the bulk and allow for a more manageable system by open and functioning like a book.


Product Specifications Catalog

Please view our catalog to view our products and specifications. This is a NEW service we offer to make it easier to view our products and to keep you informed on any product updates 24/7.

Please contact us at 800.829.6555  or info@hcmiller.com with any questions you may have.
Product Specifications Catalog

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Digital and Offset Printing


Digital Print

HC Miller has deployed the latest monochrome and full color digital printing technology. Our software, equipment and team has the talent and tools to provide the most economical short run solutions for a wide variety of applications. With a wide range of substrates, HC Miller will produce cutting edge graphics on paper or polyester including unique applications such as ID cards and magnetic stock. Our expanded sheet size allows us to deliver a large project (14.33" x 22.5") one up or provides increased efficiency with a "many-up" footprint. Leveraging the variable data imaging capability of our equipment means you can deliver a highly personalized message to your customer, customizing both text and images - statistics show 1:1 personalization drives response rates over three to five times higher than traditional "many-off" distribution!

Offset Print

Frequently there is a need for higher volume single color and multiple color material production. Complimenting HC Millers digital resources are traditional offset and web printing capabilities. Calibration between the digital color solution and offset printing helps make production from both methods more consistent supporting brand management requirements.


Once the printing is done, a wide variety of finishing options are available including UV coating, die-cutting, folding, adhesive binding, saddle stitching, spiral binding and many other options.


Fulfillment Services

Closing the Distribution Loop with Assembly, Mailing & Fulfillment

If your message requires physical distribution, in the end it must get to the customer as efficiently and effectively as possible. HC Miller will complete any needed assembly, provide full mailing services and can even provide ongoing pick and pack fulfillment services.

Assembly - Pulling it All Together HC Miller is well equipped to perform simple to complex assembly operations. From simple collations to complex kit assembly - we can take multiple pieces and pull them all together. Experts in project management, HC Miller will coordinate all elements and deliver finished kits as required.

Negotiating Through the Postal Web
In order to take advantage of all the postal discounts that are available, HC Miller taps into seasoned resources to ensure the piece is designed with maximum postal discounts in mind. We can provide planning tools and list management services so inaccurate addresses are identified and purged before you personalize or address the project.

Ongoing Project Fulfillment HC Miller can provide ongoing professional fulfillment services that provide daily order entry processing, pick, pack and shipping. Utilizing both high and low velocity inventory and picking strategies, we will handle fulfillment using the least amount of labor possible.